Linear Type Tray Sealing Machine With Vacuum / MAP

The company possesses years of experience in manufacturing of highly durable and long lasting linear - fully automatic continuous series tray sealer. Our manufactured linear - fully automatic continuous series tray sealer is widely preferred among customers owing to its space saving and compact design. It has extremely low noise and smooth operation supported by its chain-driven mechanism. Our tray sealer offers optional vacuum and gas flushing capability or just gas flushing only to support Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). It provides consumer confidence with tamper-evident packaging that maintains freshness and an appetizing, professional look.

  • Auto-film feed
  • Film Sensor Controller
  • Date Printer
  • Film Correcting Unit
  • Up to 15 cycle per minute without gas flushing
  • Sealing and Bordered Cutting (profile cut)
Optional Features:
  • Vacuum/Gas Flushing
  • Gas Flushing (Vacuum less)
  • Over Capping
  • Product Output Discharge and Tracking
  • Denester (Auto-cup drop)
  • Pre-cut Lid applicator
  • Automatic Fill (liquid, heavy liquid or solid products)
  • Product Tracking

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