Sleeve Wrapping Machine

Auto sleeve wrapper and tunnel and packers are fully automatic shrink connected to suitable shrink tunnels depending on the dimensions and speeds required.These machine are suitable for packaging of Water bottles, prappers which are highly versatile and can be used to pack various products. The system automatically collates the products in desired range of pack collations. The sealing system in the machine is pneumatic one, motorized unwinding and winding system, PLC controlled operations. These machines can be packaged drinking water, mineral water, juice bottles, cans, tetra packs.

All Side Wrapping and Shrink Wrapping Machine

The system consists of 2 units:-

  1. Wrapping unit with front end sealing and side sealing unit
  2. Heavy duty shrink tunnel

These model machines are custom made system for packaging of products with Thick shrink film with all sides sealing.

The machine is an automatic machine with automatic conveying of the product sealing and heat shrinkage.

The product to be packed will be sealed in first wrapping unit and then advanced to second stage where the sides of the  pack will be sealed.

These units are designed upon the size of the item and the requirement of the customer.

The system is suitable for either for independent use or can be utilized in automated production line.

Seal and cut facility suitable for LDPE material

M.O.C: In M.S Duly Powder Coated

Two roll feeding system for Film

Motorized film unwinding system with geared motors


Exothermic sleeves, Packing multiple cartons, Packaged Drinking water, Beverages, Cosmetics, Soft drinks bottle, Pet bottles heavy cartons, fabric rolls, welding electrodes, ceramic tiles, newspaper bundles, books, notebooks, domestic appliances, Home appliances, Magazine bundles, Master packing cartons.

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