High Speed Side Sealers

Shrink package quality is often the result of non-intuitive mechanical adjustments, dependence on precise time, speed and temperature control and changes in seal quality due to dirt and/or film build-up. Thus, SW-Series Shrink Wrappers are designed to sort out all such aforesaid problems. Exclusive range of our SW-Series Shrink Wrappers are best to eliminate many of the common shrink film wrapping problems that often result in poor package quality.

The Shrink Wrappers SW-Series is widely used by customers because :

  • Simple, intuitive mechanical adjustments make our shrink wrap machine easy for operators to set up.
  • Extra large operating sweet spot for time, speed and temperature control significantly improve “first out” quality.
  • SW-Series Shrink Wrap machines have successful track record to improving the productivity levels by reducing rework due to poor package quality and preventing downtime associated with time consuming changeovers.


Auto L sealer-Long package

TY-701-3000L-06 is designed for long product. Combined in an unit, this machine sets a new standard of sealing automation. It widely uses in the industrial companies and factories. Its package speed is up to 12 PPM depends on the product length.

Note: We also customized the machine to suit your needs


  • A front sealing blade & a side hot sealing wheel with an independent temp. control each.
  • Sealing blades with arching shape designed reduce dog-ears and save film.
  • Equipped with safety protection & alarm, no build-up & smoke whilst sealing.
  • Easy operation & adjustment.
  • High efficiency for labor cost saving.
  • Extra pinch roller guide for better film control and saving.
  • PLC control system with 2 program, length controlled by
  • Speed range (PPM) : 1 to 12
  • Power consumption: 220V /3.3 KW


Suitable for packing Long & rectangular products, cylinder products, such as linear guideways, ballscrews, sliding rails, aluminium extrusion companent, shutters, compartment planking, plans or large door.

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