Automatic Sealers for Long Products / profiles

Automatic sealer is a state of art customized machine with international safety features for high productivity and minimal labor involvement in the packaging of long products / profiles. The products to be packed have to placed on the in-feed conveyor manually or can be connected through an in feed conveyor from the production line. The film unwinding is a motorized system using fractional power geared motors. The automatic side sealer using special sealing wire for high quality sealing and cutting of the film .The scrap rewinding is a inbuilt system and the latest of its kind, the machine is a PLC controlled, with option for either photo eyes Timers to control product length. The automatic L sealer is with inbuilt safety protection and alarm

Automatic High Speed Side Sealer

Automatic High speed sealers are suitable for mass production. The side sealing wheels simultaneously speedy heat and seal effectively increase capacity.


  • Equipped with HMI control allows for easy change of machine speed and reciprocation.
  • Speed & sealing blade height and side sealing wheel can be adjusted at any time to suit package height.
  • Safety Device for Cutting Blade: a micro sensor combined with Automatic blade return provided,
  • Safety protection in cut a hand object.
  • Employs constant temperature.
  • Equipped with Japan Mitsubishi or OMRON high performance PLC control for flexible controls for bag sizes, temperatures,pressure and dwell time.


Confectionery products,Cosmetics,Books,Notebooks,Magazines,Stationery items,House hold goods, toys,gifts, promotional offer packs, Primary cartons, tray packing and multiple products wrapping.

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