Automatic Tray Sealer With Vacuum & MAP

Our manufactured Automatic type vacuum and gas flushing machine for trays and cups is best suitable for films from reel for different medium batch operations. The heating, cutting, sealing, vacuum and gas flush functions are managed using the user-friendly control panel interface. We supply the machine at very cost effective price that match to their preferred budget.

  • Stainless steel frame, a low-maintenance, compact design.
  • Sturdy construction on lockable castors for ease of moving and cleaning
  • Advanced control panel with microcomputer program which allows different machine setting.
  • Container can be set as automatic or manual.
  • Microcomputer sensor and switch allowing automatic and intelligent film feeding system and sealing functions.
  • PLC Controlled.
  • Heavy Duty Busch Vacuum Pump.
  • Machine seal and cut is controlled by pneumatic and central controlled system.
  • Quick Interchangeable Mould/Tooling.
Optional Features:
  • Date Printer/ Coder (hot ink manual).
Technical Features:
  • Requires pneumatic compressed air supply of approximately 120psi (800 kpa, 8bar).
  • 220/110v, 60Hz, Single Phase
  • Provide consumer confidence with tamper-evident packaging that maintains freshness and an appetizing, Professional look.

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