Tray Sealing Machine for 2 Partitions

We offer and supply a wide range of manual sealing machines, this particular model TS-200 machine is suitable for sealing Trays with 2 partitions suitable in hotels, restaurants and take away joints to pack cooked food products in Tray and can be used in the same machine.

  • Model: TS-200 ( 2 partition model )
  • Available for 140mm X 190mm trays as standard design
  • Capacity 150 - 200 cups/hr
  • Cushioned support in base mould for sealing surface
  • Moulded heater elements for longer life and lesser maintenance

These machines for ready meals are highly acclaimed and popular among the clients owing to the following attributes:

  • Full SS construction
  • Simple & compact design for easy and trouble-free installation and operation
  • Designed for continuous use after initial pre-heating of approximately 3-4 minutes
  • Accurate sealing mould temperature control using PID controller with digital display
  • Usable with various containers made of heat sealable materials with flexible films having heat sealable laminate compatible to the material of the container.

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