Vacuum Detector

New measuring system with detection effected without contact between sensor and cap. Suitable to detect the vacuum presence and/or the lack of cap on jars, bottles and cans filled with food products and closed with Regular and Medium Twist-Off, Deep Twist-Off, Pry-Twist, Pry-Off, Press-On caps. The detector can handle

  • Caps: ranging from min. Ø 32 mm (smaller diameters and aluminium caps: to be checked by our Technical Dept)
  • Containers: Ø 28 – 200 mm H 30 – 300 mm Output 48.000 containers/hour – Max. conveyor speed 50 m/min (higher speeds: to be checked by our Technical Dept.) The Detector can be used on lines at modulated speeds (with encoder)
  • The unit can be entirely programmed by the keyboard, by a very practical self-learning function
  • For any kind of production you can memorize the reference program by entering the following values in the parameters: minimum acceptable vacuum value, tolerated planarity, dimensions of cap and container
  • The detection algorithm ensures a proper detector operation, without being affected by the variation in the cap edge profile or by the distance between caps (which can form an uninterrupted row)
  • The system is equipped with a visual/acoustic alarm, programmable according to the control specification required: achieving the set number of ejected pieces and/or ejection type
  • It is also possible to control the stop of the capping machine (or another upstream / downstream equipment) depending on programmable error causes (i.e. total consecutive and/or percentage number of ejected pieces,)
  • The user panel, which enables to set the operator language (with Latin characters), shows all the production data: quantity produced, conveyor speed, pieces ejected, etc.
Technical data of the basic machine
  • Tension: 230 Vac – 50/60 Hz
  • Installed Power: 0,5 kW (Logic Unit Max. Absorption 18 VA)
  • Compressed air: 4-6 Bar
  • Air consumption : 0,26 Nl/h at 6 bar
  • Overall dimensions: 1300 x 700 x H 800 mm
  • Weight: 50 Kg

Additional information