Automatic Spout Bag Filling And Capping Machine

The SFC range of packaging machine are suitable for filling Pouches fitted with spout mouth/ valve. The system has an automatic pouch feeding device With auto positioning and filling equipment suitable for free flowing liquids or viscous products etc. Nozzle cleaning device, cap feeding with vibro feeders, auto cap locking and auto exit device.The machine is best suited for filling juice, milk based products, beverages, oil, liquid detergents,Cosmetic products, lotions, sauce, ketchup. The machine works with auto indexing and automation For different operations stations in single rotary platform. The filling range can be given From 100ml – 5000ml, based on the requirement. The operations of the machine can be controlled Through a Touch screen control panel. These machines offer a variety of packaging with operations features and efficient design for outstanding performance. The system can also be integrated with CIP and UHT machines.

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