Linear Type Cup Filling And Sealing Machine With Cup Rinsing Device

We design and supply a variety of automatic cup filling sealing made up with genuine material. It is fully automatic operational from falling, liquid filling, sealing to carton packaging. Its high production rate of Cups per hour. It is applicable for liquid beverages such as mineral water and juice, etc.

Produce Process:
Outstanding Features and Construction:
  • Fully Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Carton Packaging Linefm-VP-66
  • Pneumatic cup falling design.
  • Equipped with PLC control combined with touch-sensing screen for maximum operation convenience.
  • Double sealing feature greatly upgrades cup sealing quality.
  • Eliminated the conventional design of multiple molds controlled by a single temperature control system, the machine is specially designed with independent control on each mold.
  • In case of malfunction occurs in heating system, the indication lamps individually permitting operator to fast find the problem heating system.
  • In addition to manual carton loading, all motions are fully automatic operated for fast and high production.
  • Equipped with a three-color warning light. It gives a clear warning in case of malfunction on electric control or pneumatic system.
  • The machine is constructed of stainless steel to meet sanitation standards.
  • Coding device is available (optional equipment).
  • Equipped with waste film collection device.
  • Automatic rinsing system as option

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